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backReference #: 001198 Aerial view of the Hotel Canberra, Commonwealth Avenue, Yarralumla

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Reference Number:001198
Title/Caption: Aerial view of the Hotel Canberra, Commonwealth Avenue, Yarralumla
Photographer :
Date taken:ca 1951
Location: Hotel Canberra, Canberra
Suburb: Yarralumla
State: ACT
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Relation: Is part of the Canberra Times Collection
Keywords: aerial views, motor vehicles, Canberra, roads and streets, trees
Comments:The Hotel Canberra was established in 1924, as a Government owned hostel known as 'Hostel no. 1'. In 1927, the hostel became the Hotel Canberra and was managed by the Government. In 1950, the Hotel was leased to Hotel Canberra Ltd (a subsidiary of Tooheys Brewery, Sydney). For many years it was the only hotel in the A.C.T., and even after the opening of other hotels in Canberra, remained the home of many politicians. Its close proximity to Parliament House and other areas of Government, as well as its 24 hour service, made it idea for politicians. Notable persons who stayed at the Hotel included the Duke and Duchess of York (later George VI and Queen Elizabeth), John Curtin, and James Scullin and Marie Scullin (who chose to stay at the Hotel Canberra rather than occupy the Lodge during his term as Prime Minister). The Hotel stayed in operation until 1974. In 1974, the lease held by Tooheys expired and was not renewed. The building was then used as Government offices for parliamentary staff from 1974 to 1985. However, the building was retained, as it was an important part of Canberra's and the nation's heritage. In 1982, it was decided to restore the Hotel Canberra to its former glory if an interested party or parties could be found. In 1983, a $30 million deal with the Sheraton Hotel Group and the Commonwealth Superannunation Investment Trust (C.S.I.T.) was reached to refurbish the older part of the Hotel and to add a new section behind the old to increase the number of rooms. In 1984, C.S.I.T. pulled out of the project, later to be followed by the Sheraton Hotel Group. They were replaced by Pak-Poy and Kneebone (consulting engineers) who also replaced the original engineers Matrix Management Pty Ltd who relinquished the development rights. Eventually the Sheraton Hotels Group was replaced by the current developers, Hyatt International Hotels. The Hotel was reopened as the Hyatt Hotel Canberra in 1987. (Guide to the Records of the Hotel Canbera, MS 7302. National Library of Australia)