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backReference #: 003698 Albert Hall with the statue known as "Bellona" on the left

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Reference Number:003698
Title/Caption: Albert Hall with the statue known as "Bellona" on the left
Photographer :
Date taken:ca 1930s
Location: Albert Hall, Canberra
Suburb: Yarralumla
State: ACT
People featured:
Relation: Is part of the Canberra Times Collection
Keywords: statues
Comments:Popularly known as “Bellona”, Sir Bertram Mackennal’s statue “War”, now resides in the Australian War Memorial sculpture garden. Created in 1906, Sir Bertram presented the bronze to the Commonwealth Government in 1915 as a tribute to the bravery of the ANZACs at Gallipoli. “War” was initially displayed in the Melbourne Interim Parliament House, until 1927 when it was moved to Commonwealth Avenue, Canberra, near the Albert Hall. The statue was moved several times after 1954, returning to outside the Albert Hall in 1993. In August 1999, “War” was relocated to its present site near the Lone Pine tree in the Sculpture Garden of the Australian War Memorial. “War” is believed to have been inspired by Auguste Rodin’s “Bellona” of 1879. Mackennal knew and was greatly influenced by Rodin. For further information, see the Australian War Memorial’s web pages on